Our strategy and products are predicated on the 3 key structural themes:

  1. We see rising travel/connectivity among Asian countries (ASEAN and North Asia-ASEAN) and long-term increase demand for hospitality services in Vietnam (driven largely by growing upper middle class in China, Vietnam and other Asian markets). We are committed to developing luxury boutique hotels and 5 stars hotels in Vietnam, preferably those with a “for sale” component to increase the return on equity for our investors.
    Currently, we have 3 boutique city hotels in HCM city and a 5-star beach front hotel project in Danang/Hoi an (central Coast of Vietnam).
  1. Another structural theme we see is a rising younger middle class in Vietnam, most of them are millennials just entering the labor market or with a few years of work experience. Each year, thousands of young working professionals (22-30) from the cities or other provinces who come to HCM City look for safe, clean, affordable living space. Thus, we are looking to expand into affordable “co-living” space projects, starting with HCM City.
  1. Increasing demand for new manufacturing base, storage and logistics centers as factories are moving away from China into Vietnam. This, coupled with Vietnam’s low salary and highly educated labor force, makes a strong case for high demand for industrial parks. We are exploring “boutique” industrial parks focusing on green or clean energy companies in the Central or South of Vietnam.